Let's ditch the disconnect.

In a world where we are constantly judged by what he have and don't have, how long we sleep or don't sleep, how much we've earned or not earned, (the list goes on and on) it has gotten easier and easier to lose yourself in business. 

Ever hit a huge milestone and wonder why you don't feel any different? Struggling with your success or feeling stuck? Feeling overwhelmed with everything and just wish you could have some support and accountability?

Same, boo, same. You're not alone. 

Imagine if you could have...

confidence, clarity, and strategy applied daily to YOUR LIFE AND BUSINESS


whole-life balance that brings on the joy + blocks out the burn out

MAGNETIC confidence to effortlessly ATTRACT YOUR dream CLIENTS + dream profits

accountability that meets you where you're at and takes you where you want to go 




personalized emergent coaching + strategy

So, what exactly is included?

As an emergent coach, we will tailor each session to your unique needs to help you meet your unique goals at your individual pace. 

one-on-one calls that focus on you

No more getting lost in the fray of group calls and group education. Your time is for you and you alone, and you will have my full care and attention for each. 

Direct message Voxer access & support


You don't just get support on calls, you also get support in between! Have a quick question, need a second pair of eyes? Slide into my DMs.

quarterly deep dive

They say it takes 90 days for new habits to form which is why I believe so strongly in my 3-month transformational coaching package. All long-term coaching services include a lengthy onboarding call as well as in depth check-in's every 3 months. 

pre + post session

You'll receive a questionnaire before and after each call so you can strengthen your own personal self reflection and accountability and have a deeper connection to the progress you make.

Recorded calls & full replay access

Every call will be recorded for your viewing/re-listening pleasure! Never worry again that you're missing a moment - you'll always have your content ready for review. 

gimme that free call!






My whole ass goal in showing up in the world is to help people feel incredible, unstoppable, and happier than ever. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I have always been able to boil what I do down to one simple ethos:   let it be joyful

I’ve spent a lot of my life stuck in the hustle hustle hustle and grind grind grind. And it worked! For a time...

But the periods between burn outs got shorter and shorter and the recovery longer and longer - I realized I was “living my best life” with the career, the money, the dream home, the loving husband… and I couldn’t enjoy it.

I'm Chelsea.

joy queen + success strategist
kicker of ass, taker of names

It took burning out for the umpteenth time for me to realize that what my life looked like didn't matter for a second. 

Everything I had done to get me from point A to point B hd been incredibly successful, but I was stuck. I had to change my approach if I ever wanted to scale 

I had to pay more attention to how I was feeling, reconnect with my purpose, and take strategic action to reach my ultimate goal of living my best life in balance with my best self...

and if you leave here today with just one scrap of information, one morsel to remember, let it be this:

I had "won" the race, but at what cost?

your joy deserves to be the byproduct of your success, not the cost of it. 

say no more - i'm in!

So, Chelsea, how do we work together?


single calls



custom support




starting at


starting at

starting at


Every time we talk, I come up with such clear ideas and am so fired up!

Alejandra M


this is NOT for everyone.

If you are unwilling to do any of the following during our time together,
I am not the coach for you. 

do the work, consistently


We can talk until we're blue in the face. I can give you strategy after strategy to improve...

But if you can't or won't commit to do the work on your own behind the scenes, this style of coaching is not for you. 

feel all of
 the hard feelings

This might sound confusing given my approach is based on JOY, but you cannot experience one feeling without appreciate it's opposite. 

I believe in a holistic approach to success - and that ride isn't always rainbows + sunshine.

hold yourself accountable

You're hiring me to help keep you accountable and that is absolutely a key element of our working together.

However - if you are unwilling to hold yourself accountable or responsible, this ain't it.

invest in yourself & your goals

You must be willing to put your money on the line, get some skin in the game, and commit.

All good things in life are free, but the greatest things usually aren't. 

Have a willingness to listen + learn

You're here because you're successful. You've already put in so much work and effort.  But you are here because something is missing - you must be willing to hear new information with an open mind 

be open and honest, with me & yourself

I can only help as much as you are willing to help yourself.  I am not a therapist and these are not therapy sessions, but there is a certain level of honesty and openness required for true joy + success.






let's get your free 15-min consult call booked and we can talk through all of it and get you feeling confident in your decision - whatever it may be - in no time.

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