multipassionate creatives

mindset coach + business mentor


what if you could...

step in to your most expansive, unhinged creative self expression

figure out your values and create from real inspiration instead of what sounds good

create a life + business that work in harmony instead of fighting for your energy

fundamentally rewire your brain to create more peace and profitability than ever before 

unlock crystal clarity on who you are, what you stand for, and what your next evolution looks like

start creating on purpose so you get to live the deeply fulfilling. balanced, peaceful, profitable life you've been craving

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How It works


Instead of getting overwhelmed and overloaded from every open tab in your mental (or literal) internet browser, we'll hyperfocus on data-driven strategies unique to your own energetic style, to create sustainable, long term momentum and results. 


No more basic bitch anything. We'll connect deeply to your own personal values to create your unique, compelling AF vision. And from that well of inspiration, we'll curate the expansive, bold, fun, lucrative offer suite that fills your cup and your bank account.


Lights, camera, action, baby!
Practical, grounded accountability and support to keep you thriving in the day-to-day when you inevitably have questions or hit a speedbump on your journey. I'm there to make sure you have everything you need to take your goals across the finish line. 

"Working with Chelsea has been a literal dream"

Before investing in coaching, I had no consistency in my calendar, feeling lots of family/marriage guilt, financial rollercoaster, like I was throwing a dart hoping it stuck with my business and marketing plan... I knew I needed a big picture view but also someone to help me put a microscope to my bad habits and repeating patterns. I would not be the person I am today without her encouragement, course correction, and belief in what I can accomplish and keep my family humming. 

— marina
real estate agent  + business mentor

"Working with Chelsea forever changed how I run my business"

Chelsea also helped me see my true earning potential and feel comfortable asking for what I’m worth. Sitting in a coaching session with her was like drinking from a firehose! She had infinite solutions to my problems and problems I didn’t even know I had. Since working with her I’ve gotten so much time back to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I cannot recommend her enough if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and enjoy your life in the process! 


"Her positive energy is infectious"

Her positive energy is infectious which is something I really valued in a coach. She always lifted me up when I was feeling down or getting in my own way. She has such a unique way of coaching that really dives into the nitty gritty of how you're operating your life on a fundamental level. I have had so many aha! moments that have improved my life in a HUGE way! I would give her a billion stars if I could. Chelsea - I am so incredibly grateful for your guidance these past few years! MY life would not be the same without you. 

— naomi
elopement photographer + mentor

quick wins + laser focus

power hour

For the commitment-phobe who wants a quick win . ;)
Whether you're in inspiration overload for your next expansion, or at a total loss for where to start, the Power Hour is the perfect commitment-free next step to help you detangle or discover the next steps in your next evolution - or figure out what that could be in the first place. You'll leave the call with a clear, supportive action plan that will get you closer to your best damn life in no time. 

no strings attached

big dreams, big moves - fast.


One deep focus day dedicated to unlocking massive clarity, connecting to your big visions, and creating aligned AF action plans as you start your next entrepreneurial evolution or expansion. Includes 30 days of additional back end accountability + support, as well as a prep and follow up call to have you rockin' + rollin, and making more feel-good, move-the-needle progress than ever before. 

starting at $4k

high achiever heaven -

long term support + holistic transformation

1:1 coaching

All the best and brightest people have someone in their corner. It's not that you can't do it alone - you just understand that you've leveled up enough that flying solo is a disservice to you.

A custom mix of neuroscience, mindset, and practical tactical get-sh*t-done strategy that creates your the balanced, exciting, effortless business evolution + expansion you've been dreaming of. Ready?

starting at $1k

in it to win it -

welcome to the good life -

i'm chelsea

Sassy, smart-assy, hype girl, tough-love-call-you-on-your-BS, believe-in-your-greatest-potential,  best-person-to-have-in-your-corner, coach, mentor, and consultant - at your service!

Aside from one quick and awful stint as a barista, I've been an entrepreneur my entire life and learned it all the hard and expensive way totally on my own.

As a trained and certified master coach, I use elements of neuroscience, executive coaching, hypnotherapy and data backed strategies to help you fast-track to the fulfilling, balanced, bold + bougie life you've been dreaming of.

ready to thrive?



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