you've worked so hard...

it's time to breathe,
rest, replenish, and rise

Like the badass, phoenix/powerhouse that you are.

Summer has surely come and gone (and so has 2021) and after the last 18+ months of working and making the most of an uncertain (and otherwise totally batshit situation), I'd bet my left tit that you're tired as a MF. 

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You deserve a
motherf*ckin break.

I see you hustling and grinding and doing what needs to be done. I see you wearing a little thin and working yourself a little too hard. I see you feeling uninspired, exhausted, unclear...

It's so easy to lose ourselves to our work, and it's not long before the things we love start to be the things we manage. It's time to slow down. 

You deserve to slow down.

and to know that you are not alone.

hustle culture can kiss my fat ass.

What if burning out didn't have to be part of the journey?

In 2016, I burnt out trying to pay for my own wedding.  My gross that year was around 80k. I continued to do it every year, never learning my lesson, always assuming it was just part of the cycle. I burnt out completely in late 2019 and almost sacrificed my marriage in the midst of it. I had no direction, no clarity, no connection to why i was even working or the kind of life I really wanted to live... and thanks in large part to my crippling imposter syndrome and perfectionism - I was too afraid to be honest about it. 

and so I faced it in the dark, alone, so sure that I was the only one...

Now, as a spicy, transformational business coach, I am deeply and fiercely devoted to helping people realize that success is more than numbers or metrics, more than integrity, "balance", or ease -

but a badass, and totally attainable combination of ALL of it.

because you are already doing it.
you are already enough. 

You don't need another course (that might very well just die in your harddrive's graveyard). You don't need another guide or certification to make you worthy of living the life you'd dreamed of. You don't need another "hack" or tip or trick. 

Everything you need, everything you're searching for is already inside you. 

It's our job to listen. To give those values and dreams life. To do the work of weaving them together to make one helluva dream come true. It's a long road, and it's always changing, but it's always worth it.

take me to the details!

- jeff brown

The glorification of busy will destroy us.

Without space for healing, without time for reflection, without an opportunity to surrender, we risk a complete disconnect from the authentic self. 


month 1: REFLECT

No more separating our professional joy and success from our personal. You deserve to have both. You deserve to to have it all. Focusing on the combination of fact + feeling, business + balance. You deserve to have it all.

month 2: replenish

Time to reconnect: to your values, your goals, and who you want to be while you achieve them, and fill your tank up along the way. The best magic always comes from a full, inspired heart.

month 3: rise

Whatever vision you've set, and whatever values make your heart shine, we'll wrap the program by creating a manageable, unique, custom-to-you game plan to make Point B your b*tch.

yup yup yup



From your body, from your business, from your relationships... like you're just treading water and going through the motions.


They say entrepreneurship is lonely at the top, but that shit is lonely at the bottom, the middle, and the left and right too...


You made it this far, but now what? Something is missing, but you can't put your finger on what...

you're in the right place, honey. and I can't wait to welcome you.

i'm ready!

what if you could:

close 2021 feeling rested, refreshed, and ready to fcking rumble?

re-align with your core values so every action feels empowered and focused

reinforce your healthy boundaries and protect your time/energy

attract more ideal clients who value, respect, and pay top dollar for your time

go into 2022 feeling confident with a clear gameplan to achieve your goals

tell me everything

what can i expect?

nine 60-min calls over 3 months

Broken down to three focused group calls, and three 1:1 calls with yours truly, and three *WiLd CaRd* calls with surprise, totally badass guest speakers. Maximize your experience with community and connection during the group calls, then dive deeper in your 1:1 coaching session to really hone in on your own personal journey. 

private community

Yes, it's included. No, it's not a facebook group. Connect with your peers via a dedicated, private Discord channel.  I'm also capping this at 11 people, so we'll be a tight knit group of like-minded, high vibe humans (who, I am absolutely confident, will be exactly who/what you needed at this moment in your life) 

access to all call recordings

Life is busy.  Sh*t goes down. I get it. 
And while I'd highly recommend prioritizing this experience, if you miss a call you'll be able to rewatch at your leisure. 

accountability forms + check-ins

Quick, easy, intuitive forms scheduled throughout our experience together to help you retrain your brain to check in to your own journey, your own progress, and your own priorities. 

Over the course of three months, we'll go through several specific sequences to help you gain fierce clarity, define your true core values, and set goals that feel good and juicy and exciting as hell. No more grinding just to grind. We're getting you to your dream life, baby. 


dedicated rest

Time stops for no one. That's why I've built in 3 weeks of additional dedicated rest during our time together: one week at the end of November, and two weeks at the end of December (so you can unplug, reset, and be with your loved ones without any FOMO). 

the juicy details 

i want in!!!

Pick your spice level

Basic: 🌶️

Bougie: 🌶️🌶️🌶️

Step 1: Pick your package
Basic ($1100) or Bougie ($1500)
Step 2: Pick your payment structure (in full or monthly)
Step 3: Make that first payment and celebrate!
Step 4: Prepare to reconnect with your passion, rest your weary heart, replenish your fire, and rise like a MF.

take my damn money

basic ticket
$3300 USD

$4500 USD


You'll be enrolled in autopay, with payments on the first of the month. 


You'll be enrolled in autopay, with payments on the first of the month. 

Super jazzed to join but need a little more flexibility? No worries! Contact me directly at and we'll get you sorted with a payment plan.

You'll be enrolled in autopay, with payments on the first of the month. 

of coouurse there's an option for my bad b*s who love a little extra

if you like bonuses and even more juicy 1:1 time with me to dig deep and do the good work, the bougie upgrade is for you.

the bougie upgrade includes:

did someone say bougie?

extended call time + a bonus call!

Instead of just 60-minutes, each of your private calls will be upgraded to 90-minutes during our 3-month experience,  AND you'll have one final 60-minute call at the end of it - giving us even more time to focus on your unique goals, values, and challenges. 

voxer access

In addition to the private Discord channel, you'll have even more direct access to me via Voxer. Get feedback faster, clarity quicker, and ensure that all your personal questions are answered. 

✨SPECIAL bonus✨
LIVE hypnotherapy session with special guest, laura payne-stanley!

Neuroscientist, master coach, TedX speaker, and trusted advisor to billionaires, Laura is a top tier  secret weapon to have in your arsenal. This bonus 60-minute hypnotherapy session will be live and catered to YOU - no pre-recordings here. 
✨✨$1500 value✨✨


"It's been a month of working with a business/life coach... something I never thought I could afford or commit to... wanna know how it's going?

In just 4 weeks we’ve restructured how I prioritize and spend my time,  got crystal clear defined where I am and where I am going, got clear on my finances and created a system to keep me on track, identified my personal weaknesses and pain points both physically and mentally and learned how to apply them and stop triggers in their track, identified baby steps of creating the life I really want - 

- marina in hawaii


the shit that really matters

If you get the goal, but hate what you had to sacrifice, or who you had to become to get it -
what's the point?

I'm a big believer in reaching for the stars. I believe every one of us deserves to have exactly what we desire in life and more. The problem comes when we sacrifice too much, give back to ourselves too little, or realize too late that we've gone too far. 

That's why I created this experience. You deserve to be rich AND rested, prosperous AND peaceful. I believe in success as a whole thing. Success in business, in money, in relationships (that means with yourself, too). 

the 6 w's


You, boo boo! I specialize in supporting successful, badass business owners and spicy, service based entrepreneurs, but this space is for any high achieving human to join and feel seen, celebrated, and supported. 


Like I mentioned above, this is a 9-call program over the loose course of 3 months. You will have one solo 1:1 call with yours truly each month, and two group calls on either side of it (3 call hours total per month). Each month has a focus, each person has a voice, and each call gets recorded. 


The party starts in early November and continues through late January! Each month has a minimum of 1 week off (I've built in extra rest around the holidays). Group calls will happen on the same days and times. You'll get to choose your time slot for your 1:1.


Online (one day, in person, I promise).
But for now, all online. The community will be hosted on a private Discord channel (please god no more facebook groups), all calls will be hosted on Zoom, and your accountability + progress forms will be hosted in your member portal in Kajabi.

Because I'm tired of seeing entrepreneurs struggle alone, burnout every year, and feel more alone than ever with the way of the world (and the impending winter season). I firmly believe that magic happens when we feel supported and seen, and mountains move when we do it together. 


why the fuck not

This is not a course for productivity or sprinting to the finish line, hair on fire, panties in a bunch. This experience is for inspired rest, meaningful connection, and the deep and delicious magic that comes from being present with your badass self and nurturing a community of people to support you along the way. 

the juicy details 

stfu and take my money 

Last but not least

I'm here to help.
(I promise)

Have some questions? Let's chat!
Super interested, but on the fence? Let's chat!
Ready to sell a kidney, but actually maybe just want to discuss a secondary payment plan? Let's chat!

I am so fucking thrilled you've even made it this far, so whatever I can do to make this journey even more exciting and empowered - I'm in. 

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