hear me out -

success does not require

If you get the goal, but hate what you had to sacrifice, or who you had to become to get it -
what's the point?

I'm a big believer in success on your f*cking terms. Who do you want to be? 
How do you want to feel? Is what you're doing really in alignment, or do you feel like you're just throwing offers out like spaghetti to see what sticks?

 I believe every one of us deserves to have exactly what we desire in life and more. The problem comes when we sacrifice too much, give back to ourselves too little, or realize too late that we've gone too far...

let's cause a ruckus, b.
no more settling, no more living small, no more waiting for permission

In my opinion, there is no more beautiful, worthwhile (and sometimes strenuous) effort or learning, than healing your mindset and retraining yourself to be in tune with who you really are, what you really want, and who you really want to be when you get there.

It's not always the easiest route, but it is always the most impactful. In an age that demands instant gratification, our journey together will be the daily, weekly, monthly practice or prioritizing your value and wellbeing, and creating the most delicious f*cking life and business you could have ever dreamed of in the process.

"it's not just that we are doing too much -- it's also that we are not doing enough of what brings us joy.

 It took me longer than I would like to realize one of the biggest reasons I was burning out, was because I was running a business and creating a life that wasn't really mine. I bought every book, invested in every program, followed every step, and made every dollar - but still I was burning out, still I was overfilled. Still I woke up wondering if I should just burn it all down and go live in the forest. (too real?)

and btw - success does not require hardship.

clarity queen, hard at work ayyyyy

not about
all about


progress over problems, spice over safety, and helping you reconnect to your inner bad b.


competition over community, hopelessness,
letting you live one more gd second feeling less than.