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Guest and Keynote speaking for programs and corporations with a deep desire to help their participants and employees thrive, develop, and take advantage of their own unique superpowers - 
instead of forcing them to conform to arbitrary bullsh*t


keynote topics

How to define + reconnect to you inner spice to effortlessly attract your dream clients

Sugar, spice, and everything nice: 
finding your chemical x 

The "six figure" lie - and how to build your life sustainably instead

How leaning into "spice" changed my life - from $30k/yr to $30k months

I am obsessed with teaching and coaching service based creative entrepreneurs - especially those who experience any level of burnout or struggle with neurodiversity - define + reconnect to their true core values, and implement them into their strategies and goals for truly custom game plans and more easily sustained long term success. 

My philosophy as a coach when I work with you is "if it doesn't fits, it doesn't sits". Basically, crazy cat mom speak for - if it ain't working, or it doesn't feel good - throw that shit out. You deserve a life that celebrates your pleasure and your peace. 

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and f*ck YES to every single thing in your life that brings you joy and keeps you on the path towards your dream life

If you're still here, I'd bet my sassy brown ass that there are at least a handful of things in your life or business that just don't feel right.  Maybe you hit all your goals and felt nothing at the finish line. Maybe you're feeling confused and a little frightened that even after all your hard work, you're still feeling stuck of unfulfilled. 

I would love to walk the journey with you and help you find your joy + confidence again.

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